Our Capabilities Run Deep

Deep Waters

Unmatched Efficiency in Deep Water Operations

Maximum Productivity
PROD offers superior sampling productivity as we begin all drilling activities from the seabed, therefore are setup and ready to begin operations a very short time after landing. This innovative solution removes the requirement for wireline activity to and from the vessel. PROD can conduct multiple borings in a single deployment from the vessel by relocating subsea, a safe, specified distance off the seafloor, through repositioning the vessel and using PROD’s onbaord thrusters. This efficiency minimizes downtime between test sites. PROD is estimated to be approximately 3 to 5 times faster than a traditional drill ship for deep water geotechnical work.

Depth Capability
Benthic’s PRODs 2 & 3 recover 75mm diameter cores with a continuous sampling capability to 85m depth in water depths to 3,000m (PROD2) and 3,500m (PROD3). PROD4 (new build in progress) will have 4,000m water depth capability.

Superior Quality Data
PROD provides best in industry soil samples from the undisturbed seabed. PROD lands at the chosen location without disturbing the seabed and is completely independent from vessel movements, therefore allowing for superior sampling and accuracy from the seabed to depth.

Inherently Safer Solution with Increased Weather Operability
PROD eliminates the need to manipulate pipe sections on the deck, a leading cause of accidents. As a result, PROD has achieved an outstanding safety record in deployments around the world. Once on the seabed, PROD is effectively isolated from surface conditions, allowing the rig to continue working in weather conditions that would prevent a traditional drill ship from operating due to safety risks.

Shallow Waters

Reaching Inaccessible Locations

PROD has the ability to come equipped with tracks (TracPROD), making it capable to safely reach areas in ultra-shallow water that would otherwise be inaccessible to neither offshore nor onshore traditional systems. TracPROD’s ability to operate in both ultra-deep to shore line conditions allows industry giants to incorporate all stages of required site investigation into one campaign.

  • 850m range from vessel with onboard drill water hose and winch
  • >2000m range with remote (barge) drill water delivery system
  • Retains all the geotechnical capability of the PROD system
  • Modular air coolers for above water operation
  • Separate DGPS system for positioning
  • Fits onto the standard LARS
  • Can work in most soft soils
  • Ability to utilize drone technology for enhanced positioning

End-to-end Service Provider

Comprehensive Project Execution

Benthic offers much more than just innovative geotechnical site investigation services. We can also leverage our expertise in project management, vessel chartering, survey design, data acquisition, data interpretation and geoscience consulting to create a complete end-to-end solution for your next oil and gas project.

  • Geophysical Survey – Acteon Group In-house
  • Geotechnical Survey – Benthic In-house
  • Sample Transport – Benthic Managed
  • Factual Reports – Benthic In-house
  • Lab Testing – Benthic In-house/Managed
  • Interpretive Reports – Benthic Managed
  • Design Services – Acteon Group In-house