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    Petrobras Libra Site Investigation

    • Published by: Benthic Admin
    • Aug 28, 2019

    Project Overview

    In February 2017, Benthic completed the offshore phase of a major geotechnical site investigation on the Libra Consortium’s high profile ultra deepwater Libra project.  Petrobras was responsible for administering the contract on behalf of the consortium.  The onshore laboratory testing phase was completed in October 2017, on time and within budget.  This was Benthic’s maiden project in Brazil and constituted a major strategic milestone in the company’s evolution given Brazil’s status as the largest deepwater market in the world.


    Operations were able to continue in seas of 4-5m, resulting in weather downtime of less than 2% further demonstrating the superior operating envelope of PROD’s world leading technology.


    This was the first time seabed drilling technology had been employed in this market.  In another Brazilian first, PROD successfully rotary cored to 60m below mud line in water depths to 2,339m, obtaining critical geological information that had been unobtainable using traditional methods.


    Benthic’s PROD mobilized on the DP2 Chouest Wildebeest MPSV completed the fieldwork phase ahead of schedule and to the highest standards of quality and safety.  There were zero LTIs (lost time incidents), with project man hours exceeding 42,000. A total of 3,100 linear meters of CPT, sampling and coring, requiring 40 dives was successfully undertaken.