Our Capabilities

We offer a diverse portfolio of integrated services, spanning survey design, data acquisition, data interpretation and foundation design.

With a diverse range of survey data acquisition and interpretation services, Benthic provides integrated solutions for offshore oil and gas projects. We specialize in high quality geotechnical and geophysical data acquisition and interpretation in a single package, simplifying project management and helping our clients achieve their project goals faster and more reliably. This includes vessel selection and chartering, provision of in-house and third-party equipment and sourcing specialist geoconsulting expertise as required to meet project needs.

Because we take a flexible, solutions-driven approach to meeting client needs, we can provide a timely and responsive service, tailored to your specific objectives. We pride ourselves on actively engaging with our clients to meet their specific project objectives, tailoring service delivery to meet the needs of their development schedules. Our experience in deploying our equipment on vessels of opportunity enables us to operate more flexibly and cost-effectively to meet our clients’ needs.

The depth and track record of innovation of our engineering team enables us to develop bespoke engineering solutions to our clients’ problems, so they can meet and overcome new challenges in a constantly changing competitive environment. Our extensive experience in offshore data acquisition and design has made us a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading national and international energy companies, including the global supermajors.

Geotechnical Site Investigation

We manage every aspect of the site investigation process, from survey design to data acquisition and interpretation. Our experience includes a wide range of project types — from anchor and suction caisson design studies, to mud mat design, pipeline foundation design, jack-up foundation site studies, gravity-based structure foundations and studies for fixed jacket structures.

With 10 years of experience in seabed drilling, we continue to lead the industry for productivity on the seabed. We also pride ourselves on our performance-driven culture — and we expect to be measured on and compensated for the results we produce for our clients.

We draw on a variety of survey techniques to meet specific project requirements, including seabed cone penetration testing (CPT), ball penetration testing, shear wave velocity profiling, gravity and piston coring, box coring and rotary coring. Utilizing the unique capabilities of our Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD), we can deliver highly accurate data in challenging conditions, including ultra deepwater up to 3,000m and penetration depths in excess of 125m. 

Geophysical Surveys

In collaboration with our specialist partners, we design and execute high quality geophysical surveys, mapping the sea floor and characterizing subsea geophysical structures to provide essential data for the cost-effective design and deployment of marine structures. Our data acquisition services include: multibeam bathymetry, side-scan sonar, magnetometer and sub-bottom profiler.

Geoscience Consulting

With Benthic’s experienced multi-disciplinary team and network of specialist industry partners, we provide an integrated view of the geophysical, geological, geotechnical, and oceanographic factors affecting offshore oil and gas development. Benthic’s expertise in managing projects across geoscience disciplines ensures we can tailor solutions to meet the exacting requirements of our clients in the most challenging marine environments.  

We provide services ranging from geophysical and geotechnical survey design, to complex integrated geologic and engineering studies for regional or site-specific purposes. We specialize in the geotechnical analysis and interpretation of deepwater soils, ensuring the selection and design of optimal foundation solutions for your deepwater needs.

Our services include:

  • Geological and geotechnical desk top studies. 
  • Geohazard assessment. 
  • Data interpretation and integration. 
  • Geotechnical analysis. 
  • Operational support. 
  • Data management. 
  • Laboratory testing design, specification and management.

Engineering Innovation

Our record of innovation is reflected in numerous patents granted or pending across the world and we continue to invest in the future. Our planned new technology and training centre in Houston will incubate the technologies of tomorrow and meet the industry’s growing need for highly qualified people who can operate productively and safely in demanding environments.

We also continue to work with our customers to solve their specific challenges through innovative engineering and technology development. Most recently we partnered with a global supermajor to develop a first-of-its-kind deepwater seismic probe for shear wave velocity profiling of the subsurface.

Ultimately our clients benefit from our technology focus, with proven gains in efficiency, data quality and safety.

Integrated Solutions

Benthic offers much more than just innovative geotechnical site investigation services. WE also leverage our expertise in project management, survey design, data acquisition, data interpretation and geoscience consulting to create a complete end-to-end solution for your next oil and gas project.

Contact us to discuss your project needs and our capabilities.