Benthic is a complete end-to-end provider of geophysical and geotechnical consulting, engineering, design and data acquisition services.

Benthic is a client focused organization with the core objective of striving to deliver the highest standard of service in the markets where we compete. To this end, we are continually looking for ways to improve our service quality and offer an enhanced client experience. In particular, we aim to be flexible both in the way we interact with our clients and the types of solutions we offer. We are happy to engage with our customers and tailor our services for their specific project requirements — from scheduling to local content.

Geotechnical Site Investigation

From survey design to data acquisition and interpretation, we manage every aspect of the site investigation process, drawing on technical innovations and highly skilled operators to deliver higher quality data with less risk.

Geophysical Surveys

We design and execute high quality geophysical surveys, mapping the sea floor and characterizing subsurface geophysical structures to provide essential data for the cost-effective design and deployment of marine structures. 

Geoscience Consulting

We provide integrated analysis and interpretation of the geophysical, geological, geotechnical, and oceanographic factors affecting offshore oil and gas development, ensuring you receive solutions tailored to your project requirements.