Geophysical Surveys

Accurate and timely seabed geophysical surveys are essential to the cost-effective design of marine structures and subsea installations.

At Benthic, we provide complete end-to-end support for accurate and timely geophysical surveys, including survey design, execution and data interpretation.

Working with our selected specialist partners, we draw on a full range of survey techniques, from multibeam bathymetry to side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiling, depending on your project requirements. Then we support you with expert data interpretation and reporting, identifying geohazards and profiling geological features for optimal pipeline routing and the location of subsea structures.

By integrating legacy geophysical data with 3D seismic data, geotechnical data and site-specific information, we provide a comprehensive picture of the seafloor environment, helping you to accelerate project development and reduce risk.