Geoscience Consulting

Benthic provides a comprehensive range of geophysical and geotechnical consulting services, including site investigation planning, data evaluation, geohazard analysis and geotechnical interpretation.

An understanding of seabed terrain and geophysics is essential for optimal pipeline routing, field layout and foundation design. Utilizing in-house resources and selected specialist partners we offer an experienced multi-disciplinary team to provide an integrated view of the geophysical, geological, geotechnical, and oceanographic factors affecting subsea oil and gas development. 

We help you leverage your investment in data collection by integrating existing data with geotechnical and geological analysis, supporting concept planning and front-end engineering design (FEED). By maximizing the value of data through specialized analysis, we can identify geohazards and design constraints to help reduce risk and improve project efficiency. 

We also help you put our insights to work, with site investigations designed for the specific characteristics of your site and your project objectives, based on a deep understanding of the interaction between seabed character, soil conditions and the structures or foundations being placed in or on the seabed.

As a result, our assessments help you move from concept to production faster, more reliably and at lower cost.