Bathymetric and Geophysical Interpretation

Benthic can help you analyze and interpret acquired data for a highly accurate understanding of seafloor and sub-seafloor features

A detailed understanding of the seafloor and shallow sub-seafloor strata forms an important part of the planning of offshore developments, helping to minimize the potential for unforeseen and costly installation issues. Utilizing in-house resources and selected specialist partners, we offer the technical and cross-functional expertise to undertake essential seafloor and sub-seafloor studies, reducing risk and helping to produce more reliable project outcomes.

Benthic can also help to define the optimal scope for a geophysical survey, ensuring you acquire the data you need to select pipeline routes or plan the location of production facilities. The acquisition and interpretation of a well-defined geophysical survey is an integral part of optimizing the scope of work for geotechnical surveys.