Geotechnical Site Investigation

Higher quality data with less risk

Timely and accurate data is the foundation of every successful offshore oil and gas project. A late or inadequate survey can have flow-on effects amounting to tens of millions of dollars in project delays, remedial action, lost production and design modifications.

That makes it essential to have a site investigation partner you can rely on to produce high-quality data tailored to your specific project objectives, on time and on budget.

Benthic is a global leader in marine geotechnical investigation and an industry leader in safety, efficiency, quality and value. We combine innovative technology with highly trained technical staff and proven processes to help you achieve your project objectives faster and more reliably.

A Complete Service

Site investigation is about much more than simply collecting data. You depend on your geotechnical survey team to produce a fit-for-purpose, high-quality data and interpretation package with confidence every time, reducing uncertainty and risk. 

Benthic is ready to support you at every stage of your site investigation project, from survey planning to data acquisition and interpretation. Our engineers and geoscientists have the knowledge and experience you need to produce accurate data and thorough interpretations.

Our expertise includes studies for anchor and suction caissons, mud mats, pipeline foundations, jack-up foundations, gravity-based structure foundations, fixed jacket platforms and other shallow gravity-based structures.

From the shoreline to 3,000 meters

Whether you're operating at the shoreline or in ultra-deepwater, Benthic offers a complete range of site-investigation options.

Our innovative Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD) represents a step-change in technology, providing highly efficient and reliable data in deepwater depths up to 3,000 meters.  As a result, Benthic has become a specialist and global leader in the efficient execution of high-quality, ultra-deepwater site investigations. With 10 years of experience in seabed drilling, we are the industry’s most productive seabed data collector.

However, Benthic is not simply content with data productivity records in deepwater environments. We continue to break our own impressive records each year through the continued evolution of our technology and our processes.

Benthic offers proven ability and expertise to gather data where others can’t. We have successfully collected data on extreme seabed slopes, through challenging heterogeneous layers, in ultra deepwater and in difficult weather conditions.

For our customers, that means fewer delays and more reliable data collection.