Box Coring

Box coring is a proven technique for determining the geotechnical parameters of seabed soils.

Depending on your project objectives, box coring can be an effective approach to recovering good quality block samples of soft clay up to 0.5m below the seafloor. It allows you to collect relatively undisturbed sections of the seabed for sub-sampling and laboratory testing.

Box coring is a particularly effective technique when you need to determine the geotechnical parameters of near seabed soils — to analyze pipeline and soil interaction, for example.

Benthic can deploy a range of industry-standard box corers with typical dimension of 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m.  Once a sample has been recovered on deck, we can perform a range of tests on-site, including vane and mini penetrometers testing (cone, ball or T-bar), as well as more sophisticated testing where required. That allows us to characterize the seabed soil’s undrained shear strength and residual shear strength profiles, providing valuable data for the positioning and design of pipelines and other subsea structures.