Seabed CPT

A stand-alone seabed CPT rig can be a cost-effective approach to determining soil composition and geotechnical properties. 

Working with our industry partners, Benthic provides geotechnical in-situ testing services using single-push seabed CPT systems. Systems offered range from mini coiled tubing deployed systems to 100KN ROSON underwater piezocone.  Benthic can provide in-house expertise for Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT), with real-time data available to clients on board ship, together with comprehensive post-test reporting. 

We offer industry-standard seabed CPT rigs, including standard 5 cm2 and 10 cm2 cone penetrometers. Depending on seabed conditions, these rigs can typically achieve a penetration depth of up to 20 m below the seafloor. 

That allows our clients to use smaller, less expensive ships while still acquiring valuable data on soil composition and geotechnical properties.