Engineering Innovation

Benthic is an industry leader in technological innovation — and we continue to invest in the future.

We built our reputation on ground-breaking new technologies for high quality data acquisition, overcoming technical barriers to operate successfully in environments that were considered inaccessible just a decade ago.

Our Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD) was the first of its kind, and is still the world’s most versatile and productive seabed drilling and geotechnical testing system. Proven in repeated deployments in ultra-deepwater up to 3,000m, PROD delivers optimal sample quality from the mud line, even on extreme slopes and in challenging weather conditions that render traditional systems ineffective.

PROD is also equipped with a range of innovative in-situ testing and analysis tools, including our patented real-time Hydrocarbon Analysis System, proprietary Spherical Ball Penetrometer, and thin kerf rotary diamond core.

Investing in the future

Innovations like these have made Benthic an acknowledged industry leader — both because of our investment in research and development, and because of our proven ability to take new technologies from prototype to practical application. We continue to invest in the future, which includes plans to launch a new, Houston-based technology and training centre that will incubate the technologies of tomorrow and meet the industry’s growing need for highly qualified people who can operate productively and safely in demanding environments.

Our record of innovation is reflected in numerous patents granted or pending across the world. And we continue to invest in the future, through a process of continuous improvement in our existing technologies, and a commitment to reinvest a significant proportion of profits in R&D. Working with our customers to solve their specific challenges through innovative engineering and technology development, we have proven ourselves to have the depth and breadth of technical expertise to deliver field deployable technologies on time and budget. Most recently we partnered with a global super major to develop a first-of-its-kind deepwater seismic probe for shear wave velocity profiling of the subsurface.  

Ultimately our clients benefit from our technology focus, with proven gains in efficiency, data quality and safety.

We look forward to partnering with you to develop the next generation of site investigation technologies to overcome your specific technical challenges.