Our Innovations & Research & Development

Standpipe Piezometer

Easily measure long term pore pressure dissipation

Benthic engineers and technicians worked with Norwegian Geotechnical Institute to develop a solution to measure long-term pore pressure dissipation at depth. The innovative geotechnical tooling solution entails installation of an instrumented piezocone into fine-grained soils with PROD to observe soil behavior over a period of time. To date piezometers have been installed successfully for two deep water projects.

  • Deployed from PROD without use of additional equipment
  • Flexible deployment depth by changing the number of standard drill rods between lower assembly and data logger
  • Positioning of a flexible connector at seafloor enables the data logger to layover the seabed, avoiding instrument damage
  • Recovery of the data logger using a standard WROV without PROD
  • Housing water depth rating to 3,000m
  • Transducers water depth rating to 2,000m
  • 150m maximum borehole depth

Hydraulically Tethered Piston Corer

High quality samples from advanced control in collecting cores

PROD’s patented hydraulically tethered piston coring (HTPC) system has been refined over a number of years, paying close attention to industry best practice, in particular the design of the cutting shoe and the controlled manner under which coring occurs. PROD’s HTPC is field proven to recover very high-quality samples in soft sediments, as determined by a number of studies including assessments based on the NGI ‘sample disturbance criteria’, and petrographic examination of soil fabric at microscopic level.

  • Enables preservation of soil fabric/structure
  • Enables preservation of pore water within samples
  • Zero mudline disturbance both prior to and during sampling
  • Precise borehole depth measurements
  • Measurement of dissolved hydrocarbons

Thin Kerf Rotary Corer

Thin Kerf bits collect core more efficiently

PROD takes rock and strong sediment cores using Benthic’s proprietary thin kerf rotary diamond core barrels and other specialized coring bits as required. After many years of coring technology development, PROD now delivers the highest core recovery in even the most challenging geologies. Each barrel is fitted with its own drill bit and used only once, allowing PROD to resume operations rapidly if a drill bit is blocked.

  • 44mm core diameter – PROD1
  • 72mm core diameter – PROD2 & 3
  • 2.70m run length per barrel – PROD1
  • 2.75m run length per barrel – PROD2 & 3
  • 100hp rotary coring power – PROD1
  • 130hp rotary coring power – PROD2 & 3

Needle Probe

For In Situ Testing

The Benthic Needle Probe (BNP) is a specialist tool for the in situ measurement of hydraulic conductivity, and steady state pore pressure, within soft to firm, marine clays. Precisely deployed with a PROD seabed drilling rig, the BNP will provide fast dissipations where conventional methods are prohibitively expensive.

  • 6.4mm needle shaft diameter
  • 170mm needle shaft length
  • 2 pressure monitoring points
  • 3,000m maximum operating depth
  • Up to 3 (in situ tolling complement) probes per deployment

Ball Penetrometer

Accurate In Situ Testing

Monotonic and cyclic BPT tests can be performed to provide continuous and accurate in-situ undrained shear strength and residual shear strength profiles of very soft to firm, fine-grained soils, especially for applications in pipeline and anchor designs. PROD deploys 60mm diameter hardened smooth spherical ball penetrometers (BPT), equipped with individual sensors for ball resistance (qb), and pore pressure at ball mid-height (ub). The ball is attached to a 20mm diameter by 200mm long, high tensile push rod with friction reducing outer sleeve and is connected at its other end to a standard 36mm cone shaft that is in turn attached to an 88mm diameter, customized PROD drill rod.

  • Penetration rate – Nominal 20mm/sec
  • Maximum penetration <125m below seafloor
  • Operation rates depend on soil condition, but typically 75m or greater per operating day
  • 2,400m rated water depth
  • Up to 3 (current PROD prototype configuration) probes per deployment

Seabed Seismic System

Reliable Shear Wave Velocity Data

Benthic’s deep water Seismic Probe (SP) is an in situ seismic monitoring instrument that is deployed downhole to precisely measure the arrival times of seabed seismic waves. This dual geophone seismic system enables true arrival measurement of interval shear waves, which has proved to generate much more reliable shear wave velocity data and higher data quality than traditional single geophone systems.

  • Operation rates – Typically 1 borehole per shift (12 hr)
  • Maximum penetration depends on soil conditions, 75m has been achieved
  • Data download and processing occurs during seabed operations
  • 3,000m rated water depth
  • Up to 3 (current PROD prototype configuration) probes per deployment