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Benthic provides an integrated package of services with innovative technologies and flexible solutions to the offshore renewables industry. Our experienced multi-disciplinary team and eco-friendly technology, allow Benthic to help our clients move from concept to production faster, more reliably and with less risk.


The Superior Offshore Geotechnical Option

To better service the offshore renewables industry, Benthic has made technical improvements to PROD’s design to maximize productivity rates in difficult soil conditions. PROD’s ability to collect superior sample and data quality efficiently results in huge savings through foundation design and optimization. PROD upgrades, along with the option to equip PROD with tracks (TracPROD) provide windfarm operators a superior option in high energy environments to a traditional drillship.

Benthic… Best in Class Safety and Quality

Inherently Safer Solution

Benthic offers the offshore renewable industry an inherently safer offshore geotechnical solution. Because our innovative Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD) operates on the seabed and is controlled remotely from a vessel, it is inherently safer than a traditional drillship. However, it isn’t simply our technology that has made us an industry leader in safety. Benthic’s focus on safety emanates from the very top of our organization and is continually reinforced as one of the core tenets of Benthic’s culture. We take a proactive attitude to risk management, continually reviewing and monitoring our procedures for the protection of human health, personal safety and environmental quality.

Superior Quality Data

With the drill unit located on the seabed, Benthic’s PROD provides a highly stable and controlled platform, enabling Benthic’s geotechnical team to make precise tool adjustments and collect extremely accurate data. PROD utilizes industry leading, proprietary drilling bits and sample recovery features to recover the highest quality samples for delivery to an onshore advanced laboratory testing facility. Superior sample quality raises engineer’s confidence to optimize foundation design resulting in significant project savings.

Increased Weather Operability

PROD’s innovative technology and design reduces weather sensitivity and downtime resulting in more efficient operations. Unlike a traditional drillship, PROD operates on the seabed and is isolated from vessel motion via a slack umbilical allowing operations to continue in unfavorable weather conditions. PROD has successfully completed operations in 5 meter high seas and has proven increased weather operability.

Environmentally Friendly Operations

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

PROD offers the offshore renewables industry an environmentally friendly geotechnical solution. Being an electrical and hydraulic system, PROD produces minimal noise during its seabed operations consequently reducing any potential interference with marine mammals. PROD can utilize fully biodegradable hydraulic and environmentally considerate drilling fluids minimizing operating effects on the environment. Our system and operations surpass BOEM’s expectations in every aspects of their requirements making it the option for offshore renewables operators.

  • 60+ offshore geotechnical projects completed across the globe
  • 0 LTIs in the last 24 months
  • Advanced weather operability – PROD has operated in 5m high seas

Increased Local Content

Work Local with PROD

PROD can be mobilized onto vessels which deliver the highest level of local content and are fully compliant with all local rules and legislation.

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